If you’re thinking about buying a fireplace and worried about what to do with left over wood ash or indeed have a fireplace and have been throwing the wood ash in the general waste, we have some exciting news! Wood ash is a valuable resource and they are heaps of great ways to use it around the home. There’s some pretty crazy ones out there like using it instead of sunscreen, but here’s our top five to get the ball rolling of uses that you would actually want to do. Let us know if we’ve missed any that you are already on to!

Lawn Fertiliser

Wood ash is amazing for grass because it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Spread it over your lawn regularly and watch the green grow!

Fruit Boost

Certain fruits and vegetables respond very well to a dusting of wood ash. Get over to the garden beds and boost their water balance, drought, frost and pest resistance. Tomatoes, carrots, apples and pears love the wood ash, but keep it away from high acid plants like blueberries, pecans and sweet potatoes.

Algae Control

If your pond or water feature is more algae than water at the moment we’ve got sensational news for you… That’s right you guessed it. Wood ash is a powerful natural algae control. Just one tablespoon per every 1000 gallons of water should be enough to show that algae who’s boss.


Moss on your lawn can be controlled and removed with ash dust. As we know already this also fertilizes your lawn at the same time! Boom-whammy!

Fresh Fridge

Is your fridge a bit on the nose? Sneak a plate of charcoal ash inside your fridge and be amazed by the result. Bad odours are sucked up by the charcoal and voila, fresh fridge.

Got some goodies for us? Let us know your top tips for reusing wood ash from your fireplace.